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Mexican Corn Relish - Sweet and Spicy
Mexican Corn Relish - Sweet and Spicy Nutrition Label

Mexican Corn Relish - Sweet and Spicy

The Odd Bottle
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Using only the very best Australian corn for that amazing sweetness you come to expect from the humble Corn, but then ending in the slightest little zing from the good old Jalapeño! Throw in a few spices and a bit of Capsicum then suddenly bam! You’re left with that yummy taste that lingers and leaves you wanting more!

Use this bad boy on hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fish, serve it with roasted chicken, in a cheese omelette or pasta salad, sprinkle over tacos or in burritos or mix it with the humble can of tuna/ a few summer greens/ a bit of chopped onion for an amazing Summer salad.


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 *Vegan *Vegetarian *Gluten Free