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Margarita Cocktail Marmalade
Margarita Cocktail Marmalade Nutrition Label

Margarita Cocktail Marmalade

The Odd Bottle
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Using only the very best Western Australian Limes from Pickering Brook, this delightful Lime based marmalade with a healthy splash of Tequila is a true masterpiece! This is definitely one for the lovers of bitter, as the tequila elevates the bitterness of the lime!

From the moment you open the jar and have a smell, one is taken away on a magical carpet ride straight to a tropical island with that Margarita Cocktail in hand under a palm tree! Leaving a beautiful aroma of Tequila and Lime in your mouth!

Great on your morning toast and equally good to glaze your lovely pork or chicken roast with. This bad boy is also great added to a cocktail mix.


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 *Vegan *Vegetarian *Gluten Free