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Chilli and Ginger Sauce NO ADDED SUGAR
Chilli and Ginger Sauce NO ADDED SUGAR Nutrition Label

Chilli and Ginger Sauce NO ADDED SUGAR

The Odd Bottle
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Chilli and Ginger Sauce Sugar Free is a delicious sugar-free alternative to our original classic Chilli and Ginger Sauce. We have replaced the sugar with a sugar-free sweetener called Xylitol that is naturally extracted from Birch trees. Unlike most sweeteners, it does not leave that bitter taste behind in your mouth. This sauce is also gluten free!

Our own twist on the classic sweet chilli sauce, but what makes our sauce better is the added ginger and garlic.

This makes for a welcoming change from the run of the mill sweet chilli sauce, as most store-bought sauces are just a sweet sugar bomb. It makes for a great dipper with seafood, pork, chicken or beef.

Even drenched over cream cheese and enjoyed with salty biscuits is a great little party snack when you are entertaining at home! We have also found that this sauce goes extremely well as a basting on pork belly strips, that then gets grilled to perfection as the sauce caramelises over the hot charcoal.


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