Recipe Card Collectables

Get ready! Our new Recipe Card Collectables are here for you to collect them all. Every card comes with a hologram-numbered strip on the front of the card to ensure authenticity. We have 4 different ranks including Famous-100 printed, Legendary-50 printed, Rare-25 printed and Super Rare-only 10 printed. This is an ever-changing product and collectors will never get bored because when we reach our limit on a rank there are no reprints! New cards will be made every 2 - 4 weeks and will be updated on our website. Imagine all of the delicious recipes from our restaurants and bakery past combined with some family secret recipes, making this collection of cards priceless! We have also included a wide range of amazing fusion recipes made with our extensive range of Odd Bottle products that have been tried and tested to ensure only the utmost deliciousness! These recipe cards are the next big thing. You'll have all the secrets of our most popular and unique dishes, just like your grandma used to show you when she was cooking. So grab a set before they're gone! 

To get your hands on these amazing collectables just shop any Packs or spend more than $80 storewide.