Here are some common questions you may be asking yourself before you make a purchase. If you can't find an answer to your question below, click the Message Us button in the bottom right corner to send us a direct message through Facebook and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Q. Are your products preservative, chemical and colour free?
A. All of The Odd Bottle’s products, including our Diabetic Range have no preservatives, chemicals or colourants added to them.

Q. Do you use all Aussie ingredients?
A. We try to use as many Australian ingredients as we can and don’t produce products with ingredients that are out of season. We do occasionally need to use foreign ingredients (mostly spices), but we keep this to an absolute minimum.

Q. I love chilli, what is the hottest you’ve got?
A. We love chilli too and have a great selection of heat for everyone’s taste. The hottest product we have is The Devil’s Asshole Strawberry and Chilli Jam which contains Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion and Chocolate Cap chillies. 

Q. How many products does The Odd Bottle have?
A. Not including the olive products we sell, The Odd Bottle currently has over 80 different products, with some being seasonal throughout the year.

Q. Where are The Odd Bottle’s products made?
A. We make all our products in a commercial kitchen in Ellenbrook, Western Australia.

Q. Who creates your recipes and prepares them?
A. All our recipes are either from Adriana and Stephan, recipes from generations past or from friends, family or fans of The Odd Bottle. 

Q. Do you have a permanent store I can visit?
A. We don’t currently have a permanent store, but we offer online ordering and can ship straight to your door, anywhere in Australia.

Q. Do you ship Australia wide?
A. We ship all our products to all corners of Australia and everywhere in between. 

Q. Do you ship your products outside of Australia?
A. We don’t currently ship outside of Australia, but we are working on it!

Q. How long before my order is ready to be shipped or collected?
We normally allow 3-4 days for order fulfilment, as we only cook small batches of product. This is to ensure that we don't lose flavour and colour in our products. 

Q. Where do I pickup my online click and collect order?
A. If you have made a pickup order online, you can collect it from 85 Pineroo Terrace, Ellenbrook 6069. You will be contacted by email, text or phone call with an agreed time and date to collect your order. 

Q. When I get an order delivered, do I receive a tracking number?
A. All online orders receive an email once shipped and include a tracking number for your order. 

Q. Are your products gluten free?
A. Most of our products are gluten free, but some aren’t. So please double check our website descriptions before making a purchase to ensure it meets your health needs.

Q. Are your products nut free?
A. A few of our products do contain nuts, so please make sure you check our product descriptions online before making a purchase to make sure they meet your needs.

Q. Do you have any work opportunities available?
A.We are always looking for new staff to help with production and sales. Please contact us through our Facebook page or through our website contact form and see what we have available.