About Us

The Odd Bottle is a small-batch cooking and artisan food company in Western Australia. We make delicious boutique jams, relishes, sauces and more with the finest ingredients available. We use no preservatives or artificial flavours, or colours in our products because we believe that you only need four things - good quality produce, love, time, and patience for excellent tasting food.


Who Is The Odd Bottle?

The Odd Bottle is a proud, mother-son Western Australian artisan food company that sources local produce to create some of the world's best boutique jams, relishes, chutneys, pickles, sauces, ketchup and rusks. Originally hailing from South Africa, the two of us have always had an immense passion for anything food. We have owned bakeries, restaurants and catering companies, so we know flavours!

Born out of an obsession with high-quality Australian made food products and traditional recipes, Mum and I created The Odd Bottle. We both love cooking and experimenting with new flavours. "Our aim is simple: to make delicious products made with love and passion, fresh every day without preservatives or additives" - because we believe you should know where your food comes from at all times!

Our Recipes!

We use some old fashioned relish recipes plus a bunch of absolute family gems like our old fashioned tomato relish recipe handed down for generations! What about our fantastic beetroot relish recipe?, another classic passed down by generations, but the ultimate must be our flagship zucchini relish recipe; this has become our most famous product and was the first product mum, and I made! Family recipes get handed down through generations of experimentation and perfection; as the saying goes: "no need to reinvent the wheel". We have also created some unique new funky recipes which are sure to excite your taste buds. We have combinations that you won't find anywhere else!
We are always experimenting with new recipes in our test kitchen, and we love to recreate some of our customer's childhood favourites while bringing them that food nostalgia feeling. Get in touch with us today and taste your happy place.